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Recently (as of September 2019) Mojang has unlocked the ability to change player’s animation whilst sneaking. You may ask – why would they do that? What is the reason? Well, it’s quite obvious – Mojang has unlocked the emotes only because they wanted me, the almighty Donald to create this Naruto run animation. That’s the truth.

Source(s): trust me bro

Press the sneak button to activate the animation

 Important Note!  

Because emotes are only changing the animation of sneaking, the player will still move SLOWLY, even though he’ll be running like Naruto. In order to fix that you’ll have to download a behavior pack which I included to the downloads. Please, read this note before you spam “Not working!!!” in the comments!

Here’s one more GIF:

Yeah… Looks kinda messy on the GIF (especially with that resolution) but trust me, it looks better in-game;)

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  • Fixed grammatical errors in the descriptions
  • Updated the download links

It seems that I accidentally added the wrong animation to the pack. Should work fine now


This emote only supports Minecraft Bedrock Edition Beta and above!

  1. Download the emote
  2. Apply it to your world
  3. (Optional) If you want your character to actually run download the additional behavior pack


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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