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Find the massive cavern with dangerous ledges and you are close to escaping Granite Peak! Updated with teleporters so you can choose where to start the adventure. Chests along the way give you food, swords, and armor. You can’t dig through the floors or walls, because bedrock is behind them. Find enough chests and you’ll have the parts to craft a pickaxe.

Updated rooms improve the journey. When the rooms were carved out, care was taken to preserve the natural formations, when possible. You will see deposits as they were created, but no longer surrounded by stone. 

There’ are some mobs along the way.

No digging is necessary to find your way to the cavern.

If you make it to this room, you’ve escaped from Granite Peak! Stay in survival mode if possible.

Thanks to those who helped.

PS if you like this survival map, check out my other (more difficult) adventure on MCPEDL, Castle of Flamar. 

Added teleporting command blocks.

Improved look of many rooms and hallways, including main cavern.

Changed spawn point.

Changed title and updated featured image.

Updated images and detailed description of world.

Removed Parkour Maps from categories.

Fixed mcworld file link error that was keeping world from being accepted.

Added and subtracted a few skeletons, zombies, strays, and a husk.

Corrected default game mode from creative to survival.


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