Escape The Bloody Hospital 3


This game is upgraded to a Large Hospital and the time is in night mode and it will be hard to finish it. This Escape the bloody hospital is a hard game, which you will encounter Zombie, Skeleton, Spider inside the Hospital. You need to escape before your life ends. This game is a single-player playable in which only one player is allowed. Monsters is could be around the hospital. This game is really dark, the weather of the game is thunder.

How to Play? It’s easy, you just need to escape the hospital and survive, you need to do a strategic mind to finish the game or else you’ll die. Gamemode is in Adventure Mode. Survive the game or your going back at the starting point. Rules:Do not commit to cheat. Cheating is not allowed in this game. Why This Game is bloody? because this game is hard, second this game can kill your character and restart again.

I hope you like it guys 😀 Goodluck!

This game is a Hard game mode which it’s upgraded into a large hospital. You may encounter different kinds of monsters.You all need to do is to finish the game and survive.

Credits. To the owner of the building.

Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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