Essential Camera update adds camera roll features & tiny planet videos


Essential has been on fire lately, especially when it comes to updating the Essential Phone. Amid concerns about the wellbeing of the company, they’ve been rattling off software updates for Android P on the device, a new headphone jack module and TIDAL partnership, and even more software updates. A new update just released for the camera app includes enhancements to the camera roll and the re-addition of “tiny planet” videos!

Essential inexplicably removed support for tiny planet videos a long time ago, even removing the support page for them too. They use the 360-degree camera though, so not everyone will be able to make them. As the name implies, it’s an effect that turns your surroundings into a “tiny planet.” It’s great to see the feature added back though, as users can create goofy, but complex-looking videos like the one below with only their phone. It’s a feature that many won’t use often, but it’s one of many that puts the Essential Phone ahead of the competition.

Other updates include enhancements to the camera roll. These enhancements are understood to be icons denoting whether a video is a tiny planet video, slow-motion video, or 360-degree video. The icons will be shown over the thumbnail in the camera roll, so you can easily discern between each item. It’s such a simple addition, but will make using the camera even easier and browsing the camera roll even more intuitive. Another small change is that burst photos will now save in a single group, so not only do they stand out, but they are also easy to delete all at once. Essential also promises stability fixes, which are always nice.

To make things even better, the update isn’t a system update and only requires you to update the camera app on your device. This means that everyone should be able to get it now, so be sure to follow the Google Play Store link below to update your Essential Phone’s camera application now!


Via: AndroidPolice

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