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An add-on that creates 7 new versions of potatoes that give various effects when eaten, like speed, haste, absorption and way more! You can craft these special potatoes with normal potatoes by using special crafting recipes.

This add-on adds 7 new versions of potatoes into the game which give special effects when eaten! The effect duration and quality of effects increase depending on the type of potato, such as a Big Potato, which is crafted with 8 potatoes and, when eaten, only has a 75% chance of getting a speed 1 effect which only lasts for 5 seconds. The best version of the potatoes needs over 1000 stacks of potatoes to craft, so it is best if you use Fortune 3 when harvesting potatoes if you want to get that many potatoes. This is my first add-on that I made for a realm, but I decided to submit it on here if anyone wants to give it a try!

Big Potato Recipe

Enchanted Potato Recipe

Rare Potato Recipe

Epic Potato Recipe

Legendary Potato Recipe

Mythical Potato Recipe

God Potato Recipe


After downloading and unzipping the file, transfer both behavioral pack and resource pack to their respective folder.


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