FFPS Addon Beta v1 (Freddy Fazbears Pizza Simulator)


The animatronics of the five nights at freddys franchise in the past have all been destroyed and long forgotten since the past events that took place. But the past can lead to a better future! Now we have new furry friends ready to bring a rock’s party to your mc world to clear up their friends past mistakes and give u a new kind of bite!

The rockstar’s have came to your mc world to bring their rock’s party to ur world and have a fun time, but they arent alone! They have some other new friends like trash and the gang! New arcades, and etc. 

The addon can be used for roleplaying as well for making your own pizzaria and decorating it in a new style of ur own imagination!

Dont temper the rockstar’s tho they can be friendly but when angry they won’t hesitate to bite you!

These animatronics can bite. They can also run fast! But hopefully these are it and no one else is there too.. Right?


When you download this addon, there will be two download links for both the texture pack and behavior pack that takes u to mediafire or download directly. Once u download it import it to your mc and you will have your friends waiting to be activated on your world!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

Source link


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