Final Fantasy XV’s Off-Roading Looks Ridiculous 


The Final Fantasy XV 1.2 update is live, bringing an off-road upgrade to the Regalia. Called Regalia Type-D, it lets you drive all over the place and make some sweet jumps. 

The 8.65GB update fixes bugs, adds Episode Prompto compatibility, and includes Episode Prompto music. It also makes off-roading possible.

The Type-D option is available at Hammerhead, and thank Cindy for the upgrade.

It’s a silly one.

Just look at what you can do.


You can even take selfies during those death-defying jumps:

It’s possible to off road into monsters.

Some people wanted to drive the vehicle into a lake.

It appears you cannot drive the Type-D into a lake.

Off-roading in Final Fantasy XV looks fun.

Check out seven minutes of off-roading in the clip below:

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