Five Nights At Freddy’s Ultimate Custom Night


You can choose which animatronic will appear on your custom night. And each animatronic has a special way of winning.

This map is a fan game of Five Nights At Freddy’s, and is very scared.

I want to update this, it’s in BETA, please, visit every day this amazing site to download the new map update.

unt640x361.141 (Original: 700×395) “Five Nights at Freddy’s is a series of independent survival and horror video games in Point-and-Click created by Scott Cawthon. 6 main games were released, a spin-off, three non-canonical books, a VR game and there are also 3 films that are in production. Wikipedia”‘

The animatronics saw you attack during the night, and you need to protect yourself from 00:00 AM until 6:00 AM. 

(most words were translated by Google translator, and so it is a little incorrect)


  • Asafe921 (the maker of map and texture)
  • Emanuelly921 (my syster, helps me every day)
  • Scott Cawthon creator of five nights at freddy’s

Freddy and his gang!

Freddy is won by closing the door when he gets close. You need to look at the foxy in the cameras, he is shy. Phantom Freddy and Freddles is easy, you need only use the flashlight.

You can custom your night, select which animatronic will appear in your night, and attack you. Each animatronic is special, and behaves differently, you can see the tips on animatronics select room.

In version 0.1 BETA you can select: Freddy, foxy, phantom freddy, freddle, toy freddy.

The flashlight system work and are very important in your night, never forget. 

Phantom Freddy and Freddles go spawn in your office.


Foxy: you need to see he in your camera, if you do’nt see he, you die. Foxy stay in pirate cove, and he likes tesures!

Freddy: he is aways walking in the pizzaria, the unic metod to won he, is closing the doors and luck. Freddy stay in the principal stage, but he can walk wherever he wants, and can enter his office.

Freddle and phantom Freddy: they spawn in your office, they wait one hour to atack you, and you need to use the flashlight on it before this one hour, 

Funtime Foxy: like foxy, but you need to see she at 3AM, not all day.  if you do’nt see she, you die. He or she?

Toy Freddy: he stay in the parts and services, and he plays a game of Mr. Hugs, you need to play this game, and close the lever with Mr. hugs are.

Principals rooms

Your office: here you work, and try to survive the attacks of animatronics. Has a camera button, flashlight and doors. 

Dining room: here two animatronics stay, Foxy, Funtime Foxy and Freddy.

Parts and services: here Toy freddy stay and play the Mr. hugs game.


Its hard to make, and no ads, all command were made by ONE people.

If you download, thanks, i only want to make you happy, i do’nt need nothing, only your smile at the my map.

And a good news, MULTIPLAYER MAP!

* I have permission from the creators of add-ons and textures, you need permission to make a map with this add-on. The map must be free, unless Scoth Cawton allows … This is impossible. 

News of beta 0.2

  • Bugs fix
  • New animatronic funtime foxy
  • Strong flashlight
  • Invisible on cameras
  • Broken block fix
  • English version
  • Secret room
  • Puppet and lefty spoiler
  • New door spoiler


Please, install in a windows 10, because this map need a good hardware.

  • Do’nt work in Moto G5s (2017)
  • Probably work on Samsung Galaxy S20 generation
  • Work on Windows 10 core i5 6gb ram


Supported Minecraft versions


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