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Welcome to the Flare Network! We are a server Network with many things to do such as tournaments, playing with friends and more! Here at Flare we stride to be really unique I recommend my server to anyone. Currently we have Skyblock and Prisons and Factions is currently in beta. We also have tournaments like Hunger Games, Skywars, UHC and coming soon, Bedwars. We also giveaway many rewards when we hit certain milestones on our Discord and Minecraft servers. Click here to join the Discord and continue reading to learn more about Flare!


Welcome to FLARE SKYBLOCK. Do /is create to start your island. Make more money from spawners and farms. Increase your island value with ore blocks such as emerald or diamond blocks. Top islands at the end of the season get free ranks! We have ore generators and minions. Set the ore generators up the same way you would a cobblestone generator. Minions can be purchased from the /shop and after linking a chest to them, they will mine ores for you. You can also upgrade them to make them mine faster! There is also sell wands with sell wands you can put all your sellable items in a chest and right click the chest with your sell wand to sell everything to help prevent lag on the server, our mobs and spawners can stack. To stack your spawners, click the spawner onto another spawner of the same type and choose how many to add. When mobs spawn, they will automatically stack together so your island can stay organized.


•/is create

•/is tp 


The Flare Network!!! If your bored and looking for a server, you should join Flare! We are a server network that recently switched from realms to external servers. Currently, we have a Skyblock and Prisons and Factions is currently in beta.We also host weekly Minecraft tournaments, and the winner of each receives a free rank on the server and gets a tournament winner role on our Discord.

We have many custom enchants, custom crates, custom plugins such as an ore randomizer for cobble generators, and much more! You should join Flare because when you get bored of one thing, there is always something else to entertain yourself! We also give top islands of the season free ranks! We (the owners) are very active so feel free to DM one of us on discord!




Our Prisons server is very different from others. Instead of prison ranks, we have mining levels. You will automatically gain XP and levels from mining ores. Once you are a certain level, you will be able to mine higher tier ores. Ex. Once you are level 15 you can mine iron ore. When mining, you also have a chance to receive mining rewards which can give you crate keys, mining levels, and higher tier ores. We also have a PVP mine with iron, gold, diamond, and emerald blocks which can be mined at any level. These blocks give you more XP and sell for lots of money, but PVP is enabled. The PVP mine is opened every 60 minutes and is opened for 5 minutes at a time. Prisons also has plots which is an area where you can build whatever. You can set up ore generators and minions to mine for you so you can make more money. To gather resources, you can also go to the PVP enabled explore zone. In the explore zone, you can build whatever, but it is griefable and PVP is enabled.


Every week the owners of Flare host a Minecraft tournament of some gamemode. Currently, we have Hunger Games, UHC, and Skywars, but we are working on Bedwars and Sumo. The tournaments will have multiple rounds leading up to the finals, and the winner of the finals receives an exclusive item on the server. Most tournaments require you to sign-up which can be done on our Discord server. Hunger Games normally has 4 rounds leading to the finals and the same with Skywars. UHC has one round that lasts around 30 minutes.


Ranks give players special perks such as /repair or the ability to fly on your island. We have 3 ranks on Flare; MVP($5), VIP($10), and Flare + ($15). Each rank includes perks of the previous ranks and also some new ones. Example: MVP rank includes /is fly, but it does not include /repair all. Flare + includes /is fly and /repair all.


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