Flarx Furniture Mod 1.1 UPDATE!


Minecraft recently has the ability to create new, cool, custom blocks. Why not take this opportunity?

FLARX FURNITURE MOD will help you decorate your home coolly.

See below for more details:


What does this mod (addon) add?:

° Armchair – entity

° Kitchen cabinets – blocks

° Microwave – block

° Stove – block

° TV – block

And more…..

How to use the furniture?

1) Armchair – spawn the chair where you want, direct it to it, press “sit”.

2) Stove, microwave – press on them, place the item in the middle to cook.

3) TV, lamps – just press on them

Now you can cook food not only for your friends, but also for your pets 🙂

*Door bell*

Just press on it.

Other screenshots:


What has been added or changed in version 1.1 ?:

See the section “changelog”


*Light switch*

The light switch is very convenient to use as it can interact with all the ceiling lamps near it.

Agree, this is much more convenient than turning on the lamps separately?

But there are also disadvantages of this light switch:

1.Action in 7 blocks

2.Switch interacts with lamps behind the wall

The black block on the screenshot – is the blind spot where the light switch will not interact with the lamp.


The boring wooden beds were replaced with beautiful modern ones.

*Dog house*

Don’t leave your dog outside in the rain, now the dog can live in his own house 😀


Some other screenshots:


Other aspects of the mod have either been slightly changed or remain unchanged.




/ give @s furniture …



To get furniture enter:

/ function give_ (what you want to get)


More furniture is planned to be added in the future.

1.Added more furniture

2.Changed beds

3.Added light switch

4.Changed stone path

5.Changed curtains

6.Added new channel for TV

7.Fixed conflict with other mods

Mcpedl, furniture models are made by me. And they cannot be changed (why change them?). If you disagree with me, please write from which mods the models could be taken.

If furniture models are similar to furniture from other mods similar to mine, this does not mean that they were copied! Please review the addon and don’t be too biased about the issue.


1.Download the file in “mcpack” format.

2.Import to minecraft.

3.Restart minecraft (recommended)

4. In the world settings, activate: resource packs / FLARX furniture MOD / “+”;


Behavior packs / FLARX furniture MOD / “+”;

4. Don’t forget to activate the experimental gameplay (all 5 are recommended)

5.enjoy playing


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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