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Flow SMP is a Survival Multiplayer. In Flow SMP you can go adventure or build structures. Flow SMP is a hardworking sever where you’ll be able to do big projects. Flow SMP will be open 24/7.  You can also make clans and trade with players. Its up to you :).

————————Here are some screenshots of Flow SMP——————————-

————–Here is a screenshot of our Discord Server that you’ll JOIN!!!!——————-

Flow SMP has a whitelist system so that we don’t encounter hackers. To join Flow SMP you’ll have to join the Flow Server on Discord. Once you join the discord server you’ll state why you want to be in the Flow SMP and then you put your IGN. Our moderators will then tell you when you can join the server ;). 

Added more details for the discord server and how to join it.

Added more screenshots for Flow SMP.

Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

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