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Fun House By DCU Studios in this map you can either play by your self OR with Friends one of your friends can become The Clown or you can have some spawn

To escape the Fun House you must find 6 Buttons and then find The Exit to escape Meanwhile The Clown will be chasing You. Don’t die or The Clown will have you for lunch!

This map has no player limit recording is allowed Just put a link To both Our Channel And Our Website in the Description Of Your Video

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This map has a trailer video and a play through on our Youtube Channel please subscribe to our channel it is DCU Studios we make Maps And Mini-Games in vanilla Minecraft however this map has a texture pack to Change Mobs To A Clown texture this Pack is not required to play but is recommended for better game play. Have Fun In The Clowns Fun House please subscribe to DCU Studios and comment Your map Ideas check out our website At

Fixed Respawn Bug Where You Respawn Outside The Map

Map Needs Testing To Confirm It Is Compatible With 1.16

added play through video to submission so our players can look if they get stuck no changes to the map itself

Fix submission details no changes to the map itself Please Subscribe To DCU Studios

No Changes To The Map Just Added Screen Shots So MCPEDL Will Accept It

There Have Been No Changes I Have Updated This A Couple Times But MCPEDL Wont Accept It For Reasons I Dont Understand They Say Make It More Detailed But I Built The Map And Have Put All The Information I Can Think Of I Do Not Know What Else To Put Now Can Someone Please Tell Me What I am Doing Wrong 

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I am Unsure Why MCPEDL Wont accept This What Do They Mean Add More Details I Have Added As Many Details That I Can Think Of And I Built The Map Would Someone Please Explain What Im Doing Wrong?

Fixed Bugs And Added Single Player Mode Fixed Some Texture Pack Issuses And Added New Music Disc


If You Download The Pack You Must Activate It Or The Clowns Wont Look Like Clowns


Supported Minecraft versions


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