F(x)tec Pro1 gets unofficial LineageOS 18.0 based on Android 11


London-based startup F(x)tec launched the Pro1 back in September last year. At launch, the device ran a near-stock version of Android 9.0 Pie with just a couple of additional apps that had been optimized to work with its physical keyboard. The device received official LineageOS 16 as well as official LineageOS 17.1 support. The phone also served as the base for our own XDA phone: the Pro1-X. And now, the device has received an unofficial LineageOS 18.0 build based on Android 11.

The LineageOS 18.0 build for the F(x)tec Pro1 is built off the official Android 9 firmware with proprietary blobs, but the underlying base version of the ROM is Android 11. The build is compatible with all F9X)tec Pro1 variants, essentially meaning that you can flash it on the Pro1-X too when it reaches your hands. Pretty much all expected functions of the phone are functioning as expected, and no major bugs exist in the ROM.

Unofficial LineageOS 18.0 for the F(x)tec Pro1

If you’re interested in trying out LineageOS 18.0 and near-stock Android 11 on your F(x)tec Pro1, you can download the recovery flashable package from the thread below. But before you go ahead and flash the ROM on your device, make sure you read the installation instructions and other linked documentation, including the guides and special boot modes. Also, make sure to take a backup of your data before you start the process or you may lose it during the installation. Also keep in mind that no custom kernels are provided support for, in the forum thread, so stick to the stock kernel only. There aren’t too many options for custom kernels either, so you should be good on this end. The device is developer-friendly, but there aren’t options available because of its rather niche characteristics. But with our Indiegogo for the Pro1-X sitting at 661% funded, there’s clearly a demand for such a device, and we hope that the situation changes in the near future.

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