The modern city is just a little free-time project I, Gibuilds, have been constructing since Sept 1st, 2020. It is also the same time I’m starting my Youtube channel. 10 Episodes of timelapse later, the city has grown with lots of memories and awesome builds. 15 Episodes of timelapse later, the city has grown more and more to be bigger while still maintain a modern realistic style.

The modern city contains various roads, shops, offices, apartments, suburbs, and even a mosque. The city is also filled with lots of amazing details and interiors (for some builds) that you probably want to explore.

The updates are from Eps.11-15 in which I added a

– Bus Station (Eps.11)

– Department Store (Eps.12)

– City Park (Eps.13)

– City Centres (Eps.14)

– Modern High School (Eps.15)

– Few Upgrades on older builds


Shops and Apartment



Bus Station, City Parks, and Downtown

Department Store

Modern High School

More updates to the map will be distributed on Eps.20. So, for the next updates, please check out my socials to follow my journey.

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Added more updates on the map such as a Bus Station, Department Store, City Park, City Centre/Downtown, Modern High School, and few upgrades on older builds.

Description and Installation also have some changes.


Installation has been tested on iOS, but it is assured to work also for Windows 10 and Android if you have the correct version.

Please understand that this map is FREE however The Linkvertise link should be able to help me out generate a little income for me to continue expanding the map and fixing older builds to be more realistic. You can join my Discord Server for direct Mediafire links as a token of my appreciation for your effort.



1. Click the link on ‘Download through linktree’

2. Once you are in the linktree link, click the type of files download that you want (indirect links)

3. Pass through the Linkvertise ads by completing the step on ‘read new articles from the web’ and waiting for 10-15 seconds (you will get the Mediafire link after this)

4. Press download on the mediafire link

5. Once you have finished downloading the map, click the downloaded McWorld file and it will launch Minecraft.

6. Once Minecraft has imported the map. Click on ‘Play’, find a world named ‘Gibuilds Modern City e15’ and enjoy!

7. If the world fails to be imported, try downloading the zip file, then change the last name extension of the file from .zip to .mcworld

WARNING! DISCLAIMER – All links to my map must be directed to this link. You SHOULD NOT make a direct link on your own and post it somewhere else on the internet. All credits should be given to the creator of the map, Gibuilds, the platform, and the providers of the resource packs and mods.

NOTICE! You can support me and follow my updates on future builds by subscribing to my YouTube Channel, joining my Discord Server, and/or following my Instagram @Gibuilds.

Gibuilds, Minecraft builder and Content Creator


Supported Minecraft versions


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