Google Assistant adds a setting for changing the default podcast service


Google Assistant currently allows users to set their preferred default service for video, music, and radio, and it might soon let you do the same for podcasts.

As spotted by 9to5Google, the search giant has recently added a new option in Google Assistant settings that allows users to change their podcast service from the default Google Podcasts. The caveat, though, is that no other podcast service can currently be selected in this menu. You can, however, change it from Google Podcasts to “No default provider.”

Here’s what the new setting looks like.

It’s not confirmed if Google plans to actually let users pick their own preferred podcast service, such as Pocket Casts, but the fact that Google is providing users with this menu means there’s a good chance that that’s exactly what’s going to happen. As 9to5Google points out, however, the “Photos” provider option in Google Assistant’s settings doesn’t actually let you change the default service from Google Photos, and the “Live TV” section in the Google Home app also only lists a single service—Sling TV.

It’ll be a nice change if it rolls out, because it means that going forward, you’ll be able to call Google Assistant to play the next episode of your favorite podcast without having to specify the name of the podcast service you want to play from. The settings page shows that changing the default podcast provider will apply to voice commands from all compatible Assistant devices, including Google Home devices, Chromebooks, Android smartphones, Android tablets, Android TV, and smart displays. We’ll update this article if third-party services appear in this menu.

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