Google Camera port adds Night Sight & Live Google Lens to other phones


Google Camera 6.1 arrived with the newly released Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. It brings a new UI and some extra features to older Pixel devices, like RAW capture support, capturing audio via external microphone during video recording, HEVC encoding, and more. Google Camera ports have always been incredibly popular throughout the community as Google’s HDR+ processing can turn a decent smartphone camera into a great smartphone camera. The Google Camera on the Google Pixel 3 gets a number of exclusive features such as Top Shot, Night Sight, and Photobooth, which users have been eagerly awaiting to be ported to other devices. Now, an early port of Google Camera 6.1 by XDA Senior Member Arnova8G2 brings partially working Night Sight and Live Google Lens to the OnePlus 6 and a few other devices. Arnova8G2 is one of the developers who received a OnePlus 6 directly from the company to aid development.

This early port is obviously not without issues, though. Night Sight photos are hit or miss at the moment, but even getting it working in its current state is a great sign for future development. For those unfamiliar, Night Sight is a new feature to take photos in low light without the use of a flash. Flash creates unnatural light and can lead to incorrect exposures and shadows, but Night Sight circumvents this by capturing lots of photos with a slightly above average exposure time and then stitching them together. Night Sight will be available for the Pixel 3 in a few days followed by other Pixel devices in the near future.

Live Google Lens is exactly what it sounds like: identifying objects in the frame in real-time. It’s pretty useful for scanning QR codes or business cards, along with having a few other use cases as well.

Slow Motion, Photobooth and Super Res Zoom are currently not working. We’re hoping those will be fixed at some point. This build is an early indication of what’s to come, so we recommend you follow this thread below for all the latest developments. If you want to try this early build of the Google Camera port, you can download it from the forum link below.

Download Google Camera 6.1 with (partial) Night Sight and Live Google Lens

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