Google Store adds a dedicated page for Pixel and Nest helpful videos


While it’s possible to buy Google products from a variety of retailers, the central “home base” is the Google Store. Everything from Pixel phones to Chromecast dongles to Nest speakers and displays can be purchased from the Google Store. To make the store even better, the company is adding a “Helpful Videos” page for customers who purchase these products.

The “Helpful Videos” page is exactly what it sounds like: a repository for product introductions, tutorials, tips and tricks, and more. The page currently has over 50 videos pertaining to “Phones, Speakers & Displays, Streaming, Connectivity, Safety & Security, Cameras, Thermostats, Stadia, Laptops,  and Accessories.” You can filter the videos at the top of the page to find your device.

The page is broken down into three sections: Product introductions, Setup & install, and Tips & tricks. The product introductions section is for all the marketing videos Google uses to hype up the devices. Setup & install features detailed instructions for getting started with a new device. The tips & tricks section includes a variety of videos, some short and others more detailed.

Overall, this is a really useful page for anyone who has a Made by Google product. These videos are spread out across a few different YouTube channels, so it’s great to see them all in one place. Check it out and you might learn something new, or share it with a friend or family member to help them get acquainted with their new Google device.

Source: Store | Via: Android Police

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