Grab yourself an Xbox One controller for only $50 at Amazon


You can pick up all sorts of controllers and adapters to use just about any controller on your PC, but my favorite will always be the Xbox One controller. It simply works! Most PC games that support controllers are mapped with the Xbox One controller in mind, so there’s no weirdness or fuss. You either use a wireless adapter or plug a wire directly into your computer, and you’re ready to play!

There’s just one problem… those controllers can be expensive! But, with the Xbox Series X and Series S coming out soon, it seems Amazon is discounting the Xbox One controllers to clear out some stock! Some models of the controller are on sale for $50, $15 off their MSRP of $65. When it comes to first-party controllers, any discount is good, so make sure to grab one if you’ve been in the market for a new PC controller. This is all especially true if you have a Windows 10 computer, which has a lot of Xbox features built-in!

Of the $50 Xbox One controllers, my favorite color is probably the Grey and Blue one. It’s a nice dark grey with sharp blue accents. It’s not garishly colored, but the blue adds a flair most controllers don’t have. Even the buttons are completely grey, as to not to mess with the overall look. The Blue and Red controllers are also at $50, if you prefer the more bold colors as opposed to the muted greys and blacks. It all depends on your tastes!

    Xbox Wireless Controller
    Get one of the best controllers for PC gaming for just $50! Some colors of the Xbox One controller are on sale on Amazon, and enjoy some easy, painless gaming.

If you don’t want to buy a wireless adapter, no worries–you can use the charging cable included with your controller to plug it straight into the PC. It’s a pretty long wire too, so you shouldn’t have any issues using it! Amazon doesn’t directly sell the wireless adapter anymore, but you can still get it new for a reasonable price from a third party seller.

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