Guawa Point City Version 2


Are you bored using other cities. Heres the city that named Guawa Point City V3 They have mcworld and zip. This is so big and bigger than other cities like Mosephelt city its too small, the old version of Urashima City,and Hangsui city made by Nanfuxian

Minto Proper Aerial View The West is Expressway The east is Minto Expressway the South is Minto City and The North is the Central of Minto City.The Interesor Subway stationThe Inside of Interesor Subway station(Interesor Subway Line)The Three Buildings at Minto Proper(Central)The Minto Proper Phase 2 station is 53% completedNew Building At Interesor in TPO roadMinto City Aeriel view but its not finished. The Minto Proper is North of Minto City, City of Gheri is the south of Minto City. The East is the wooden city but it part of Minto City and the West is the boat in Guawa Point City.

World SpawnI make the TPO road with building side by side

Creator AntonioGamer428

World Builders



This city is 28% completed

download the city anyway to get Version 4 in Guawa Point City and the world spawn is in Interesor.

Whats New

-Interesor Subway

-TPO road

-New building at Interesor

-Expressway Expansion is completed

-Three New Buildings at Minto Proper

Nothing Changes same as previous version

-Interesor Buildings


-Interesor Park

Added so many buildings at Interesor City and Minto Proper Avenue Finished


For Android users

you have to use mcworld file to download it anyway without extract or unzipping files because android users unzip files from zip to 7z and rar not mcworld file

For Ios users

To download zip files

You can choose any files zip or mcworld because zip files are copy to addons to unzip it and make it mcworld

For mcworld files

download mcworld file and copy to minecraft to get the world


Supported Minecraft versions


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