HabiRGB Dust Sans Add-On (Beta)


Dust tale is a character centered about Sans. it is a short story about Dusttale. So this time, I am now making an addon about Dusttale with the character Dust! Sans. ok we see, how strong he is

sorry if there is a wrong model, because this is still a beta version.
Dust sans has a Gaster Blaster on the side. It is his main weapon. The Gaster blaster does a lot of damage.

Dust! Sans Status:

Health:60000-1(very impossible to beat)


1.Gaster Blaster:Deals 100000 damage plus instant damage effect. That’s the highest number I’ve heard in Minecraft

2.Purple Bones:Unlike the BONE of the sans, this purple bone is very deadly and dangerous, it will give the enemy the Weakness effect.

No screenshots because it’s very fast and can explode.

well, those are some of the statuses of Dust! Sans.

Dust! Sans Vs Scarlet King.

I hope you like it, because I have worked hard for this addon, don’t forget to give me credit if you want to make a video about this addon.

thank you

Fix wrong words in the upstairs

Add Theme when Dust! Sans fight him target


He will likely make a strong explosion too, so turn off Mob Griefing Gamerule if your device is a potato


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)

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