Hallowed Hallow V1 (Halloween Addon)


Its that time of the year where things begin to get spooky! In this simple addon I added a new biome, a few new mobs, new foods, a new weapon, new ore, and new building blocks! 

If this mod gets very popular I will defintely update this with many more features! Just give me some reccomendations 🙂

Lets start off with the new biome

The Hallowed Hallow! Home to spooky mobs!

The Hallowed Hallow. Originally this biome was a peaceful Forest biome thriving and full of life! But then one day it changed. Ghosts started to roam the nights and animals got struck with a mysterious disease.Villagers speculate that the Wither was responsible for the transformation of a once peaceful land. Many different theories are being created. Many speculations…Can this biome be returned to a peaceful state like it was long ago? Or will it forever be an area of mystery and death? What was the cause of change? Who is responsible? Will we ever find out?

This biome isnt a cakewalk! There are many dangers!!

The first mob is the Ghost.

Deceased humans from the past with unlnown cause of death.They are here to haunt you. They think that you are the person who killed them! When someone dies, their soul gets sucked into the Hallowed Hallow. This biome is a hotspot for many paranormal activities. The Hallowed Hallow is full of many lost and forgotten souls too, they are now roaming this land in search of who killed them seeking revenge…


  • 5 Health (Dies easily)
  • 7 Damage (Strong)
  • Applies wither on hit (30 seconds! You want to watch out for them!)
  • Very fast! 

Let me know if the 30 second wither is annoying I will gladly change it. But then again the Hallowed Hallow is suppose to be a challenging biome.


The second mob, the Hallowed Slime.

Trapped souls of the victims who were brave enough to venture into the Hallowed Hallow. How they died is unknown. Rumors say that it may have just been the Ghosts killing them thinking thats who killed them in the past. Other say its something else…A much bigger force that may come back to destroy the Overworld in the future…What could it be?


  • 20 Health
  • 5 Damage
  • Blinds you on hit (lasts 30 seconds! Adventure with some milk!)
  • Slow speed


  • Hallowed Slime Jelly 0-2 (More info down below)

Third mob is the Hallowed Pig.

Pigs that feel no pain when injured or killed. They have no feelings. They have no emotions and have no care about anything. These pigs were the fauna that thrived in this beautiful land once. That all changed. A disease broke out and infected them changing them into these creatures. They may be peaceful and not attack however some say that these pigs stalk nearby villager farms. They keep their eye on the bright pink pigs. Its as if they want to trap that pig in the Hallowed Hallow and make them suffer with them for all eternity…


  • 10 Health
  • No attack, peaceful


  • Currently just 1-3 raw pork. (Will be changed in the future)

The 4th and final mob for now, the Trick Or Treator.

A person who was trapped in the Hallowed Hallow. They are immune to the creepy mobs in Hallowed Hallow. In fact they prefer to live here. Why? They don’t answer. Some say that if they tell you why or how they got trapped in Hallowed Hallow that you may be trapped too. Yikes! I guess dont ask! Many trade with fellow wanderers. Just don’t ask them anything personal, just trade. I wonder if they know something…like why do they look like zombies…?


  • 20 Health
  • Doesnt attack
  • Trades with you

Trick Or Treators trade a variety of goods such as diamonds, hallowed ingots, candy!!, and more!


  • 0-1 Cherry Strips
  • 0-1 Pumpkin Candy
  • 0-1 Mint Emerald

More info below!

New Foods

In your adventure in the Hallowed Hallow you may get a variety of tasty useful candies!

Every candy lasts 2 minutes!

The first candy is the Mint Emerald. Not craftable. When eaten you will get Jump Boost 2 for 2 minutes.

The second candy is Pumpkin Candy. This is probably the most useful one in my opinion. When eaten you will get haste 3 for 2 minutes! Have fun mining!

The third and final candy for now (More to be added in future!) This candy is the Cherry Strips. When eaten you will get strength 2 for 2 minutes! 

Doesnt the Cherry Strips look tasty?

No its just me…ok 🙁

New Ore And Weapon

Thats right I added a weapon!

This is the Hallowed Blade.

Forged from the depths on the Hallowed Hallow. Whoever wields this sword is said to be guarded by fallen adventurous spirits. They are said to guard you because you conpleted their adventure and they want to honor you. You are granted passive regeneration when wielding this sword. However ghosts and hallowed slimes are not fooled. They believe it is your fault for the way they are and will continue to haunt you forever. 


  • 10 Attack Damage (Not enchantable, sorry :
  • 500 Durability
  • Passive regeneration 2 when sword is held

New ore!

The Hallowed Ore.

People thought Hallowed Ore was a myth. They were wrong. No one exactly knows how or when this ore was formed. Perhaps the souls of deceased miners were trapped in diamond ores. Too many miners get greedy and want all the diamonds. Or maybe ghosts that roam the surface below kidnapped and killed miners and stuffed their souls into a stone, thus forming what we call Hallowed Ore. This ore is still a huge unsolved myster, just waiting to unfold the truth some day…

Ore Information:

  • Iterations of 8 (Quite rare)
  • Begins spawning at Y=45 and lower
  • Spawns in veins on 1
  • Must be smelted in furnace or blast furnace
  • Spawns only in the Hallowed Hallow

New Blocks

I added 2 new blocks in this. I will definitely be adding more soon.

In the Hallowed Hallow you will see many very large trees. These trees are called the Hallowed Trees.

Tall, ominous, and eerie. These trees show no life what so ever. The souls of dead plants and leaves live in the trunks. These trees are said to occasionally scream. I don’t know if they scream anymore but if you ever heard their blood curdling scream, your ears will bleed forever. Some say the reason these trees scream is because of the fact that the souls of many adventures are locked for all eternity inside. They only scream for the torment they witness inside. It must be a madhouse inside! Walking near these trees may make you feel woozy and nauseous as if the souls cling to you desperate to escape from all the torment…


  • 2.5 second break time with hand or any tool (Mojang needs to change that!!)
  • Can be turned into planks
  • Used for building (obviously)

On the left are Hallowed planks and the right is on the Hallowed Logs.

Planks can be turned into sticks. You cannot make tools however. I plan in the future to make Hallowed Wood tools.

This addon is no where near done! I plan on adding bosses, more weapons, tools, foods, and way more! Please stay tuned until then! Im excited 🙂

Please do NOT steal or reupload! This is my addon!

YouTube: BladedAxe77

I post Minecraft and Borderlands 3. Interested in that stuff? Drop a sub it would be greatly appreciated! 

Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoyed the little back stories! 🙂


Enjoy the mod! 

Expect a lot more content in the future! I know I sure will 🙂


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