Halloween 2015 Mashup Sky/Fog Fix & Halloween 2013 Texture Pack UI/Paintings


When the Halloween 2015 Mashup was converted to Bedrock from Legacy Console Edition the fog and sky colors were ruined. This resource pack fixes the sky and fog as well as adds features from the discontinued 2013 Halloween Texture pack.

Important: This resource pack is not a copy of the Halloween 2015 Mashup.  Textures used to make this resource pack are not from the Halloween 2015 Mashup or any other texture pack available in the Minecraft Marketplace.

Most of the Halloween 2015 Mashup textures are from a free texture pack on Legacy Console edition. After the Mashup was release, the free texture pack was discontinued. As a result, the paintings and UI are not available on Bedrock Edition. The UI can also be used without the Mashup for users who do not own the pack. 

The pack also fixes issues with the 2015 Halloween Mashup involving the fog and sky. The fog and sky appear like they did on Legacy Console Edition. 

Wool has been changed for when the pack is used outside of the Mashup world. Users can choose between eight subpacks in the pack settings which have different features included or excluded.


-added version numbers to file names

-changed subpacks to fix loading errors

Page Changes

-changed cover photo to properly display pack function

-added text to emphasize that this pack does not use any textures available in the Minecraft Marketplace


Download the .mcpack file and launch it into Minecraft.


Click the Google Drive link to download a .zip file.

Make sure the pack is above the Halloween 2015 Mashup in Global Resources if you are using both at the same time.


Supported Minecraft versions




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