New creatures have been discovered proliferating in the world, only these turn out to be somewhat more unusual, discover the habitats where you can find these thematic creatures and take them with you filling the world of terror

after the first proliferation of the creatures we received reports about one of the export centers which was also completely destroyed, in this base There were genetically modified species to stand out in the darkest times of the year, the attraction was planned to open this year but due to the storm all the dinosaurs had to be stored as a last option in the PEHE base where it was evidenced that after the storm all the dinosaurs as well as certain festive products were radically scattered

among the creatures that escaped you can find

an exotic species of ceratopsid, You can see its representative horns on the top of its head, which give it its name

You can house the young with pumpkins and feed with wheat or apples

One of the most impressive scythe dinosaur species created by our company

you can tame it with pumpkins and feed them with apples or wheat

The most threatening hadrosaur according to the list of respondents, you will find these colossal herbivores defending themselves from predators

You can house them with pumpkins when they are young and feed them with wheat and apples when they are adults.

A hybrid of Koolasuchus and Arambourgiania perfect for the occasion, you will find this huge creature on the plateaus, hearing its terrifying cry will make your hair stand on end

This species cannot be tamed, however you can ride it and it will take you as high as possible

small killing machines ready to end the life of any creature, these little nightmares will be found in a herd killing, everything that moves

Babies will be domesticated with meat Find the three variants of latenivenatrix

  • Volcano version
  • Sapphire version
  • Demon version

Huge arthropods not suitable for arachnophobics … for obvious reasons, discover their two variants Noir and Ruby

you can tame them with meat and ride one of the biggest fears in the world

The greatest bloodsuckers brought to fill the night sky with chaos and suffering You can hear these creatures using their echolocation to move through the night sky

The most emblematic Halloween creature of all, the mythical dodorex, a hybrid of dodo and tyrannosaurus, being one of the most threatening dangers of this new wave,it is possible that he uses fire to attack only that is a very minimal 

You can tame it with Meat when they are babies and you will have one of the strongest killing machines on the planet

Find out where to find these thematic creatures and enjoy a world with them

and as a data, do not forget to look down by pumpkinneitor

New thematic species for these holidays discover the new mysteries of these species


  1. download the plugin in the link above
  2. Export it to your game and activate the EXPERIMENTAL mode 
  3. discover all the secrets of these creatures


Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta)
1.16 (beta)

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