Happy National Pencil Day, Winners!


Last week I challenged you, fine folks, to add some pencils to the world of video games. It was National Pencil Day and it felt appropriate to celebrate. But now the holiday has passed and I’ve got all these pencils. Thanks, I guess?

Our winning image this week was created by Neuroplastique II who reimagines a popular character, but with a pencil for a head. This is some amazing artwork and also would make a great reboot for poor Earthworm Jim.

You readers got very creative this week. Sticking pencils in all sorts of places. Some even snuck in a few pens too. I saw that. I judged you accordingly.

You can check out the original post to see all the entries, but here are some of my favorites.

Bob The Rock wins the award for “Worst Mutant Power.”

ConManEd grabs the award for “Angriest Pencils.”

MilesTailsPrower snags the award for “Crappiest Special Edition Change.”

Mrichston wins the award for “Most Brutal Pencil.”

Puffled Jigglies gets the award for “Weirdest FF7 Mod.”

RevolutionZero easily wins the award for “Bloodiest Pencil.”

Urambo Tauro recieves the award for “Best New Feature In Mario Maker 2.”

sciteach grabs the award for “Best Pencil Sharpener Cameo.”

Kerning snags the award for “Strangest DC Reboot Yet.”

And finally, Cyan wins the award for “Most Innocent Pencil.”

That’s it for this week’s contest! If your creation didn’t win, don’t worry! There’s always tomorrow when I’ll be back with a new ‘shop contest.

I can’t wait to see what you folks make next!

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