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This texture pack replaces the normal survival hearts with the ones from the Hardcore mode. It also adds other, smaller changes to the heart and armor icons.

this pack should work with every Minecraft version and should also be compatible with the Hardcore mode itself, if Mojang adds it.

If the other changes are too much, i suggest the “Hardcore Hearts” Pack i’ve made.


-Hearts are changed to the ones from hardcore mode

-Armor icons slightly changed. Empty and half filled armor slots show broken armor.

-Hearts that are lost now have a sad, almost dead expression

-Hearts you get from a Golden Apple have more visible eyes

-If the player is poisoned, the hearts have a somewhat sad/sick expression

-If the player is withering away, the hearts have a really sad expression.

Changes to the hunger icons are planned, but i can’t promise anything.


Hardcore hearts + sad, lost hearts and broken armor icons

Golden Apple hearts, with more visible eyes

Poisoned Hearts

Withered Hearts


Supported Minecraft versions


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