Here’s our first look at the Nest successor to the original Google Home speaker


The Nest Mini (formerly known as “Google Home Mini“) has become an incredibly popular little smart speaker. However, Google’s ambitions with Assistant-enabled speakers started with the original Google Home 4 years ago. That device is long overdue for a successor and it appears one is on the way.

A new Google device recently passed through the FCC with model number GXCA6. At first, it wasn’t clear if this would be the previously leaked “Sabrina” Android TV dongle. However, new photos from the Japanese Wireless Standards website reveal a clearly different device than what was shown in the leaked promo videos. This is a new Google Nest smart speaker.

The device pictured features a similar design to previous Nest Mini speakers, but it is stretched taller and wider into an oblong cylinder. It’s covered in Google’s familiar fabric in what appears to be a gray or pink-ish “Sand” color. One side features the Google logo, a mute switch, and the power cord port. The bottom is smooth plastic with another embossed Google logo.

According to the ruler in the photos, this new Nest device is considerably taller than the original Google Home and Home Max. The documentation calls it an “interactive media streaming device” and it has the typical smart speaker features. WiFi and Bluetooth are on board and it’s powered by the proprietary 30W DC power supply.

Rumors of a successor to the original Google Home have popped up as recently as last month. It is allegedly known internally as “prince” and will feature larger speaker drivers than the original. The size of the device in the leaked photos certainly points to that being the case. Google may have planned to announce this Nest speaker at Google I/O this year, though the timing of these filings seems to point toward a Fall release.

The featured image is a mocked-up render based on the leaked photos.

Source 1: (Japanese) | Source 2: FCC

Via 1: Android TV Guide | Via 2: Android Police

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