Hisense 4K TVs are currently on sale at Best Buy, so it’s time to upgrade


I have a story for you all. TVs are a big-ticket item during Black Friday sales, and of course, I covered a lot of TV sets. I didn’t look for one myself, though, as even if my TV was older, it was still going strong. Wouldn’t you know it, shortly after the big rush, one of my two HDMI connections started acting up, which is a big problem because the Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t play well with an HDMI splitter.

So suddenly, after the holiday season, I’m in the market for a new TV. Thankfully, Best Buy is closing out 2020 with a Smart TV sale! All sorts of different brands and sizes are on sale, but the ones that caught my eye are the Hisense 4k TVs. The most impressive deal of the Hisense bunch is probably the 70-inch H65. It’s a large 4K UHD TV with Android TV with 3 HDMI ports. A 60Hz refresh rate isn’t always ideal for gaming, but I mean… it’s a 70-inch 4k TV for just $530. You can’t really beat it!

    Hisense 70-inch H65 4K TV
    Looking for a big TV upgrade? The Hisense 70-inch H65 4K TV is on sale for just $530! With Android TV included, you’ll have all your entertainment in one place.

For me, though, 70-inches is a bit too big for my room, which is on the small side. I’m not able to sit too far away from the TV, so a 70-inch Hisense 4K TV model could make me motion sick unintentionally because I’m too close. In that case, the 50-inch H6510G 4K TV would suit me better. This model effectively has the same specs as the 7-inch Hisense 4K TV, with Android TV and 3 HDMI ports, but it’s on sale for $280. That’s an extremely affordable price!

    Hisense 50-inch H6510G 4K TV
    Looking for a not-so-big TV upgrade? The Hisense 5-inch 4K TV is also on sale! With Android TV included, you’ll have all your entertainment in one place.

These Hisense 4K TVs aren’t the only two TVs that are on sale, though, and Hisense isn’t the only brand on sale either! Check out Best Buy’s Smart TV sale page and see what all is on offer–who knows if this deal will continue in the new year!

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