How to Monitor Android Phone’s Real-time Activities Easily


    Internet has changed the way we live. Despite it bringing us a lot of convenience, there are also problems. According to a recent research, 70% of children aged 7-17 always encounter pornographic content through online searches; 35 % of adults are having cybersex or online affairs even if they are in relationship. Perhaps, because of all these facts, we’ve seen many people are looking for the apps to monitor Android phones.
    Today we will look at KidsGuard Pro, a web-based Android monitoring app which allows you to remotely check all the activities on the target device. Many users have had positive things to say about this particular app. Check out everything that this app has to offer, from our sponsor KidsGuard Pro.

    Following the user guide on the official website, it took us about 5 minutes to install this app. To begin, you need to access the target Android phone only once at the time of installation, after which basic everything on the target device will be synced in real-time and the results will be displayed on the app’s interactive online dashboard. It doesn’t require you to root the target device for accessing any advanced feature of this app. KidsGuard Pro lives up to its claim that it performs the cell phone monitoring without letting the target device user know of its presence. Despite of the absence of a free trial, it’s overcome with an online live demo of the app which can still give you an idea about how it functions.

    KidsGuard Pro is jam-packed with interesting Android monitoring features which are explained here in detail.

    1. View Phone Logs

    Included features: Messages, calls, contacts, browser history, photos, videos, calendars, etc.

    Almost every activity on the target cell phone is easily monitored through this app. Every small detail including the date and time of a call or a message, the name of the sender and receiver, etc, is recorded accurately by this app.

    It can even export all this data to another system. You won’t find this feature in any other leading Android monitoring apps.

    1. Monitor Social Media

    Included features: WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, Tinder, Telegram, Viber, KiK and etc.

    KidsGuard Pro can be of great help if you want to monitor social media apps. Not only can you see the sent, received and even deleted messages from the specific platform, you can also check the individual app notifications and exchanged media files. Most importantly, a remote screenshot of the social app will automatically be taken and uploaded for you when the target device is connected to Wi-Fi. This will help you keep an eye on their screen activities.

    1. Track Devices Remotely

    Included features: Geofencing, real-time location, Wi-Fi location tracking, keystroke monitoring, etc.

    This app uses the inbuilt Wi-Fi loggers and advanced GPS technology to provide the most accurate location of the target cell phone. The real-time location and the location history of the target cell phone over a period of time can be checked easily with the help of this app.

    Another important thing is that you can create a safe boundary using the Geofencing feature and got notified whenever the target cell phone crossed these boundaries.

    Steps to Use KidsGuard Pro:

    Step 1: Create an account and get a plan for KidsGuard Pro. Then download it to the target phone.

    Step 2: Log into your account and make all the required configuration settings on the target device. After that, the app will stay hidden on the background.

    Step 3: Use any other device and sign into KidsGuard Pro official site to access the dashboard for all the desired information.


    KidsGuard Pro is a convenient and effective cell phone monitoring app with an extensive range of useful features. It’s easy to download and use even for a novice user. Originally priced at $29.95/month, KidsGuard Pro now is offering an exclusive discount so that you can save up to $30 for purchasing a plan. So why waste a minute? Get the app now and keep a close eye on the cyber security of our loved ones.

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