Intel announces RealSense ID system for facial recognition


Intel today announced a new facial recognition system that makes use of its RealSense depth-sensing camera from 2019. The RealSense ID technology is designed to provide access to smart locks, ATMs, point-of-sale terminals, and more devices with only a glance.

The tech merges RealSense’s depth-sensing system with a special neural network to perform user-aware facial authentication, according to Sagi Ben Moshe, Intel corporate vice president and general manager of Emerging Growth and Incubation. The firm adds that the system works by scanning the contours of your face and adapts to changes in physical features like facial hair and glasses.

RealSense ID works under different lighting conditions regardless of your height and complexion. It also makes it harder for anyone to fool the system using photos or videos, courtesy of its native anti-spoofing technology. Intel claims its false acceptance rate is one-in-one-million.

The company says that the tech was built with privacy in mind. The system encrypts all user data and processes facial images locally on the device, and it can only be activated when prompted by a pre-registered user.

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