Intel announces the eASIC N5X to power 5G, AI, cloud, and edge workloads


Customized hardware using FPGAs (Field-Programmable Gate Arrays) and ASICs (application-specific integrated circuits) has demonstrated promising results in computationally expensive workloads in the past. As such, we’re seeing increased usage of such technologies in the industry today. Today at the Intel FPGA Technology Day, Intel announced the eASIC N5X, its latest offering in the eASIC lineup, which is the firm’s intermediary technology between FPGAs and standard-cell ASICs.

The eASIC N5X is set to be the first structured eASIC with an Intel FPGA compatible hard processor system. Intel claims that it also offers up to 50% lower core power and lower cost compared to FPGAs, without sacrificing the time to market and lower non-recurring engineering of ASICs. This allows customers to create power-optimized, performant, and differentiated solutions.

Intel believes that FPGAs offer the best time-to-market advantage and flexibility for custom designs. Pairing them up with ASICs would provide the optimal hardware-optimized performance at a lower price point. The eASIC N5X can also be paired with the Intel Agilex FPGA family to secure workflows with features like secure boot and strict authentication. Taken together, the new eASIC N5X will be geared specifically towards accelerating customized 5G, AI, cloud, and edge workloads. Further details can be found here.

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