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Walk through air and over water whenever you want. Wherever you walk, a 3×3 wool platform will form, which creates a bridge when you move! This addon is toggleable, so you can turn it on or off as you please.

Simply turn on the auto bridger by crouching. When you want to turn it off, just jump and crouch while your in the air. If the bridger doesn’t activate the first time, try it again. 

This addon was created by ItsDandD 

Check out my YouTube

Here is a demo of the installation and the bridger in action. Non-Adfly link in the description:

Here is the setup process with pictures:

Step 1: After downloading the addon go to your world and type “/function Setup” in the chat.

A command block should appear beneath you.

Step 2: Switch the command block to “Always Active” and then put “/function Bridge” in the command input.

That’s it! Just crouch to start bridging!


Notice: Make sure to keep this add-on above any others you might have.

Pay attention to the capitalized letters.


Supported Minecraft versions


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