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Bored with vanilla MC? Then this add-on is perfect for you. This addon adds 30+ weapons, 10 bosses, 25+ materials to be used into your Minecraft! This add-on was inspired by Terraria which explains why there is some Terraria stuff in this addon.

About the Addon

– Turn on Experimental for this addon to work properly.

– Addon will not work properly if there are other addons activated.

– If you get to spawn in a world where there aren’t any bosses, try going in creative and spawn Blood King Slime, this will fix the bug, and bosses will start to spawn naturally.

If you are in creative mode, do

/give @s pa:nameoftheitem , to get the item you want.

Let’s start off with the MATERIALS added in this addon.

Shadow Essences

This is obtainable from defeating spider queen boss and is used to make DEMONITE


 This is crafted from combining 1 gold ingot and 1 shadow essence and is used to make DEMONITE INGOT.

Demonite Ingot

 This is crafted from smelting demonite and is used to make Light’s Bane which will be tackled later on.

Crimson Essences

 This is obtainable from The Crimson Spirit when defeated and is used to make CRIMTANE ORE.

Crimtane Ore

 Crimtane ore is crafted from combining 1 gold ingot and 1 crimson essence and is also used to make CRIMTANE INGOT.

Crimtane Ingot

 Crimtane ingot is also crafted by smelting crimtane ore. This is also used to make blood daggers and blood butcher which will be tackled later on.

Molten Scraps

 Molten scraps are used to make MOLTEN INGOT.

Molten Ingot

 Molten ingots are crafted by smelting molten scraps,molten ingots are used to make the Fiery Great Sword which will be tackled later on.

Hallowed Bars

 Hallowed bars are obtainable from the Mechanical Skeleton when defeated. This is also used to make The Excalibur which will be tackled later on.

Chaos Gem

Chaos Gem is obtainable from the Frost Wither when defeated and is used to make The Chaos Blade which will be tackled later on.

Broken Hero’s Sword Shard

 This shard is obtainable from The Guardian/Golem from terraria when defeated and is used to make The True Excalibur,The True Nights Edge and the Terra Blade.

Inferno Shard

 This shard is obtainable from the Inferno Elder Guardian when defeated and is used to craft the Blade of the Infernos.

Stolen Holy Tablet

 This is obtainable from the Lunatic Cultist when defeated and is also a recipe for the Terra Blade.

Now,lets move on to the weapons added in this addon.

Lets Start off with the CRAFTABLE WEAPONS.

Iron Dagger

 Damage: 4

Effects: Speed 2

Diamond Dagger

 Damage: 5

Effects : Speed 2

Blood Daggers

 Blood Dagger is crafted from 1 Crimtane Ingot and 1 iron ingot.

Damage: 10

Effects : Speed 2 , Regeneration 1

Wooden Cutlass

 Damage : 3

Effects : Speed 1 , Jump 1

Iron Cutlass

 Damage: 4

Effects: Speed 2 , Jump 1

Diamond Cutlass

 Damage : 6

Effects: Speed 2 , Jump boost 2

Wooden Scythe

 Damage : 5

Effects : Slowness 2

Stone Scythe

 Damage: 6

Effects: Slowness 2

Iron Scythe

 Damage: 7

Effects: Slowness 2

Diamond Scythe

 Damage: 8

Effects : Slowness 2

Cactus Sword

 Damage: 6

Effects : None

Bone Sword

Damage: 6

Effects : None

Light’s Bane

 Lights Bane is crafted from 2 demonite ingots and 1 iron ingot

Damage: 15

Effects: None,currently

Blood Butcherer

 Blood Butcherer is crafted from 2 Crimtane ingots and 1 iron ingot.

Damage : 17

Effects : Regeneration 1

Fiery Great Sword

 Crafted from 3 Molten Ingots

Damage : 25

Effects : Fire Resistance

Night’s Edge

Nights Edge is crafted from combining all of these swords. Muramasa, Lights Bane, Blade of the Jungle, and the Blood Butcherer.


Effects: jump 2, night vision, resistance 2, speed 1.


 Crafted from 2 hallowed bars and 1 iron ingot.

Damage: 42

Effects: Regeneration 1, Resistance 2, Speed 2.

Chaos Sword

 Crafted from 2 chaos gems and 8 diamonds.

Damage: 50

Effects: health boost 2, jump 2, resistance 2, speed 3

The True Excalibur

 Crafted from an excalibur and 1 Broken Hero’s sword shard.

Damage: 57

Effects: fire resistance, health boost 2, regeneration 2, speed 3

The True Night’s Edge

 Crafted from 1 nights edge and 1 broken heros sword shard.

Damage: 63

Effects: jump boost 4, night vision, resistance 3, slowness 2

Blade of the Infernos

 Crafted from 2 inferno shards and 1 blaze rod.

Damage : 69  😉

Effects: fire resistance, invisibility, resistance 4, speed 4

Terra Blade

 Crafted from 1 true nights edge, 1 true excalibur,1 broken heroes sword shard, and 1 stolen holy tablet.

Damage: 200

Effects: Check it out yourself cuz its so op for me to type lmao



 This is only obtainable from Blood King Slime when defeated.

Damage: 14

Effects: Speed 2, Slow falling

Blade of the Jungle

 This sword is only obtainable from the Queen Bee boss when defeated.

Damage: 21

Effects: Regeneration 1, Slowness 1

Cultist’s Frost Blade

 This is obtainable from the Cultist when defeated.

Damage: 53

Effects: health boost 3, invisibility, jump boost 4, slow falling

The Lost Warhammer

 This weapon is obtainable from The Lost Golem boss when defeated.

Damage: 85

 Effects: resistance 5, slowness 3, strength 4,

Now, let’s talk about the BOSSES in this addon

Blood Slime King

 HP: 150

SPAWNS: Plains

LOOT: Muramasa

Spider Queen

HP: 200

SPAWNS: Savannah

LOOT: Shadow Essences × 2

Queen Bee

 HP: 250

SPAWNS: Jungle

Loot: Blade of the Jungle

Crimson Spirit

 HP: 150

SPAWNS: Desert

Loot: Crimson Essences ×2

Mechanical Skeleton

 HP: 400

SPAWNS: Desert

Loot: Hallowed Bars

Frost Wither

Currently Got no Screenshot of it because i was too lazy to find the ice biome lmao.

HP: 600

SPAWNS: Icy biomes

Loot: Chaos Gem ×1 – × 2


 HP: 1000

SPAWNS: Icy Biomes

LOOT: Cultist’s Frost Blade

The Guardian / Golem

 HP: 1200

SPAWNS: Hell / Nether

Loot : Broken Hero’s Sword Shard

Inferno Elder Guardian

 HP: 1500


Loot: Inferno Shards ×2 and enchanted fish ×2 – 3

The Lost Golem

Got no screenshot of it but it is located in Mushroom biomes

HP: 2000

SPAWNS: Mushroom biome

LOOT: The Lost Warhammer


 HP: 3000

SPAWNS: Hell/ Nether

LOOT: Stolen Holy Tablet

That’s all for now, in the future I plan to add armors, staffs, and bows also tools

– Removed the resource pack link .

-Lessen the spaces in the description

*Updated the description to make it more understandable

*Now named “MoreCraft Beta Addon”

*Updated the download link.


1 Download the .mcaddon file (by pressing the link)

2 After downloading, go to downloads in your files

3 Long press the file you downloaded

4 Press “add shortcut to homescreen”

5 Press the .mcaddon  in your homescreen

6 Enjoy the addon (automatically installs it to mc )


Supported Minecraft versions


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