K-Lapse is a kernel module based on LineageOS’ LiveDisplay feature


Changing the color temperature of the display as it gets closer to sunset has become quite popular among people who use electronic displays for extended periods of time. There have been studies that show it helps to adjust your body and get it prepared for a good night’s rest. We’ve seen this feature on Windows with f.lux (and Microsoft’s built-in feature) and it’s also made its way to many smartphones in recent years. For the popular custom ROM LineageOS, this feature is known as LiveDisplay.

It does what is expected of it but XDA Senior Member has created a kernel module called K-Lapse. The developer began work on it after the kernel they were developing for was made defunct thanks to the OEM not releasing sources for Marshmallow. The goal was to give custom ROM developers the ability to socket this module into their ROM via the kernel so that it will gain a linear RGB scaling feature that ‘shifts’ RGB based on time (of the day/selected by the user), or (since v2.0) brightness.

Check out K-Lapse in our Software Hacking forum

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