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Kresgy City is an ongoing city project by the creators of Nation of Calvada. This is our new Minecraft Bedrock Edition city map focusing more on details and making the experience of living in a metropolis better. It is a city with various architectures to see!

| A view of one of the districts in Kresgy City |

Welcome to the beautiful world of Kresgy City!

Kresgy City or Overseas Territories, was created in August of 2019. It took a year to develop the city center. Thanks to careful planning of the urban area, the development of the city didn’t took too long than expected. It has been developed into a modern metropolis with skyscrapers, apartments, shops, a municipal airport, public services, and more. There are 4 districts in this city. We hope you have a good day in Kresgy City. This is our new ongoing city project, expect more updates in the future!

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| More pictures from the city |

| A map of the city’s light rail transit (LRT) |


There are two types of files: .McWorld & .Zip

Installation has been tested on Windows 10 & Android.

Installation guide:

For Windows 10, IOS & Android:

1. Click .McWorld download 

2. Once you are in the Google Drive link, It will show you what the file contains. Click the download symbol on the top right in the Google Drive website.

3. Click download anyways 

4. Once you have finished downloading the map, click the downloaded .mcworld file and it will launch Minecraft.

5. Once Minecraft has imported the map. Click on ‘Play’, find Kresgy City world and enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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