Let’s Rank The Tony Hawk Games, From Worst To Best


So here I am, doing everything I can, ranking Tony Hawk games and hoping I don’t anger fans.

The Tony Hawk franchise started all the way back in 1999 and since that first game, the franchise has been chugging along, releasing over 15 games across nearly every platform out there including the PS1, N-Gage, PSP, Xbox 360, Wii, and PS4, just to name a few. While the games changed over the years, the basic idea of riding a skateboard, landing cool tricks, and unlocking new levels, boards, and skaters has remained a constant throughout the good and bad entries.

Neversoft made the first Tony Hawk games, but over the course of the franchise’s history other developers became involved. Eventually, after Neversoft stopped developing them in 2007 Robomodo would take over the franchise, releasing some of the lesser-loved entries. Later this year Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2 will be released, and it was developed by another studio, Vicarious Visions. However, that developer has a history with the franchise, as it once handled many of the portable THPS ports.

For this list, we are looking only at the main games released on home consoles. Yes, some of the portable Tony Hawk titles were great. We recently wrote about this very fact. But including all of them would have doubled this already-long list. We also left off the weird and wild ports of some games to older consoles, like Project 8 on PS2 or THPS3 on PS1. Also, even though THUGPro is great, it’s a fan-made PC mod, so it isn’t on here either. Now, let us proceed.

Note: Anyone viewing this on a desktop can move through the slideshow by clicking the arrows down below. If you’re on mobile, just keep on scrolling!

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