Lobotomy Corporation V0.1 – SC MZM GUY (Horror)


– Hello everyone Again 🙂 –  

I created a new add-on and I am in Thailand. But I am not at writing English, sorry everyone XD. Addon by SC MZM GUY.

What is Lobotomy Corporation

Similar to scp.

Is a game from Korea, lobotomy corporation by PROJECT MOON.

Additional information : https://lobotomycorp.fandom.com/wiki/Home

Follow Me in Twitter : https://twitter.com/MzmGuy

And Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg49y7U2He0xYa8A41vO2qA?view_as=subscriber

What is New Add in Minecraft ?

  • Add +22 entity
  • Add +6 item
  • Add +1 block

I will describe the most elusive entity 😉

Name : Skin Prophecy

New Version :

Old Version :

Ability :

The Skin Prophecy has the ability to trigger upon using it.

add 5+ health and -3 reduce resistance.

Name : Today Shy

New Version :

Old Version :

Ability :

Today’s Shy has 5 different faces and each of them work a little bit differently.

The faces, from left to right, are:

‘Smiling’ face: + effect regeneration , resistance , strength.

‘Happy’ face: + efffect regeneration , resistance.

‘Neutral’ face: No effects.

‘Sad’ face: + effect weakness , slowness

‘Angry’ face: + effect weakness , slowness , poison

Name : Mirror of Adjustment

New Version :

Old Version :

Ability :

Random Stats

Name : We Can Change Anything

New Version :

Old Version :

Ability :

Kill you and +1 E-Boxes

Name : Opened Can of WellCheers

New Version and Old Version :

Ability :

give soda But it’s free!!!!!!

Add item or block E-Boxes

drop from Anomaly

can craft :

Ability : none!!!!

and etc………………………



How to Installation Addon :

Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=minecraft+pe+how+to+install+addon



Supported Minecraft versions


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