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This texture pack is a still work in progress stuff can change.

This pack is for the people who like a simple and childish art style.

I saw that a lot of people wanted the texture pack so imma make it public. its also some adds and such this pack is just for people that are interested in the pack.

And also might get friends to also make textures for it cause why not.
hope u u like the pack and feedback is greatly appreciated.

This texture pack was (still is) my personal texture pack but people wanted to also have it so i making it public 
u can also join my discord to give me feedback

thank you :
Crystal wolfe™

changelog: 0.1.4

added dried kelp block texture

added (dried) kelp item texture

added sun texture

updated heart icon

added xp bar texture

inventory stuff

added moon texture

added snow/rain texture

added shulker shell texture

added beetroot texture

added waterlily texture

changelog 0.1.3

added warped tulip (warped roots)

3 new paintings

added crimson door texture

added warped door texture

added iron door texture

added acacia door texture

added all door items textures

added bonemeal texture

added dispenser and dropper texture

added all trapdoors texture

updated red sand

updated mob spawner

fixed sheep texture

updated chest

added normal heart texture

added armor texture

added hunger texture

changelog 0.1.2

added all other rails texture

added turtle helmt item texture

added turtle shell texture

added emerald block texture

added bowl texture

added rabbit stew texture

added mushroom stew texture

added beetroot soup texture

updated diamond texture (again)

added 3 painting (3 by me)

added blast furnace texture

fixed potted crimson tulip

added mob spwaner texture

added smoker texture

added enderman texture

updated totem

changelog 0.1.1

added 9 effect icons (strenght, speed, slow falling, absorbtion, invisible, haste, hotv, water breathing and slowness)

temp removed textured mobile controls (the problem of the glitchy effect icons)

added strider texture

added diamond item armor set texture

updated diamond

added leather item armor set texture

added netherite item armor set texture

added lulu (chain) item armor set texture

9 painting textured. 7 are made by nightdesert326(boneblock) 2 made by me

typo with desert (typed it as dessert)

added “haha splash message goes splash” splash

removed the reeee splash

added red and normal sandstone (and the veriants) textures

added shroomlight texture

updated totem texture

added spruce door texture

added stripped logs textures

added gold, netherite and diamond block texture

added steve model texture (idk it will show up)

changelog 0.1.0

readded custom text

added cactus texture

“fixed” offset ghast tear

added coal block texture

added crimson tulip (crimson roots)

added zombie texture

added iron block texture

added lapis block texture

added ghast texture

mobile controls retextured

added pig (with saddle) texture

added chorus fruit texture

added farmland texture

added melon texture

added chicken item texture

added sheep wool model texture

added iron and gold item form armor sets textures

added splash what  texture pack version it is
replaced the old menu image with the updated menu image on website

changelog 0.0.9 fix

added shield texture

added ender chest model texture

temporary removed all custom text because there were remnants of an old texture pack ive made for a friend (will be back soon)

changelog 0.0.9

added door oak model texture

added door dark oak model texture

added barrier texture

added boneblock texture (thanks boneblock)

added glowstone texture

updated sand texture

added (gold) carrot texture

added ghast tear texture

added glowstone dust texture

added redstone dust texture

added gunpowder texture

updated diamond texture

added fireball texture

added sugar texture

renamed nether star to wither core

added nether star texture

made a item thats not right in the middle just have some fun with it and see anyone notices

added a discord link for feedback in the submission

|texturepack 0.0.8


added lapis lazuli texture

added turtle helmet model texture

added slimeball texture

added haybale texture

added end crystal+ beam texture

added trident texture

added poppy texture

renamed poppy to rose

added “kewl” splash

renamed “play” on the start screen to “start the Adventure”

fixed spelling error of personal

updated panorama so now it doesnt look odd

updated end sky texture

added feather texture

added web texture

mcpedl sub 3 | texturepack 0.0.7

added smooth stone texture

added flint texture

added “Treenara” splash

added “boneblock/nightdessert” splash

removed “sub to TheluckyguyNL” splash

added “only on mcpedl” splash

added gold armor set texture

added all overworld tree saplings texture (thanks treenara)

added “if u got this texture pack from any other site shame on u on mcpedl is the only site i upload on” loading screen message

added jack o lantern texture

added normal rails texture

added emerald texture

added a change log txt document

added blaze rod texture

added blaze powder texture

submission update 1
fixed double ‘ error

made the text on the thumbnail abit better (thank you crystal wolfe™)

pack update 1

added a credit to crystal wolfe™

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