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This addon aims to add enhance each area of Minecraft. It consists of a few creatures that I designed. I also made this to work on my skills in coding addons. This current version is made to be compatible with realms and other addons, so no custom items, blocks, or biomes yet. Currently there are two marine animals and one flying creature. This description will only explain two of these animals as not to spoil one of them 🙂

The first creature you will find in your world is the Wryzler, , a flying electrical serpent creature that will do do whatever it can to defend it’s territory. They spawn in relatively large groups in the extreme hills and make for quite a formidable foe. Currently they behave pretty similar to phantoms but I have plans for them later.

The second creature you will find is the Trapjaw, a highly territorial squid like creature. This creature can do quite a bit of damage to an unsuspecting player, but it will only attack once before leaving the target alone.

The last creature in the current version is ^C&^#$H&#^Y&**R*^%#I^*(B^*&*D&(*I*&(S, never mind, its to epic to share the data, but it spawns in the frozen oceans, that’s all I can say.

Good Luck!

PS: sorry I used for the link, I need recommendations for a better shortener.


Download the resource and behaviour 

Enable experimental gameplay in your world (optional)

Apply resource and behaviour packs to your world and save changes


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