Majority of Google Play developers want to create positive social impact


Mobile apps have immense potential to do good in the world. Billions of people can be connected in an instant with an app. The positive effect of products and companies is described as the “social impact.” The Google Play Developer blog posted the social impact of Google Play and Android developers. Some of their findings are interesting.

According to their research, 3/4 of Android developers are very interested in using their apps to create a positive impact on society. This feeling was even stronger from developers in emerging markets. So it’s clear that the vision is there, but are people taking advantage of it?

Google Play analyzed over 8,000 users from a variety of countries to see how they felt about social impact with apps. Two-thirds of smartphones users said they experienced a social impact need. Of those users, half reported that they used an app to obtain help. Some of the examples included covering unexpected costs, personal safety, and access to health care.

The blog post has a lot more very interesting findings on social impact and smartphone apps and users. Check out the infographic below for a rundown on Google’s findings. You can also watch the video above for a story about making a difference with Android.

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