Mall Of Asia Minecraft (W.I.P.)


Welcome to the biggest mall in the Philippines! Behold! The Mall Of Asia Minecraft!
This is a popular huge shopping mall in Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines.
Explore the world with your friends! Enjoy!

Note: Original Project / Map by RenderMC YT, only published by me as requested by the creator — mikkeeeyyyy

Creator’s Description:

Mall Of Asia or M.O.A. is a popular large shopping mall in Bay City, Pasay City, Philippines. This brings you feel like in real life recreation of Mall of Asia, because of its structures. We also build the entire Mall including the MOA Arena and the iconic MOA Eye — Ferris Wheel!


  • A complete recreation of Mall of Asia into Minecraft!
  • Explore different establishments and areas throughout the world! 
  • MOA Arena, MOA Eye, Seaside, Cinema and more!
  • Ride Jeepney, Tricycle, and more vehicles!
  • Money in Pesos(PHP) currency!
  • More to come in future updates!
  • For any suggestions, you can reach us through our social links below or join one of the creators discord also posted below.

Video Trailer:


Please read this agreement before downloading this map:

  • Illegal copy of this map is strictly prohibited.
  • Your are not allowed to make this world as your own work.
  • Your are not allowed to redistribute and/or reupload it.
  • Otherwise you will receive strike


Thanks to all these Builders & Addon Creators who help on this Project!

All addons used on this creation each have permissions from its respective creators, 

Proof (image provided by MrSenpaiPlayzMC):

All other addons used and applied are all made by me (mikkeeeyyyy) and other team members.

Publisher Notes:

  • This project is still in progress, This will be updated in the future! 
  • This map is also available to download without annoying ads on “Addons for Minecraft” ( iOS/Android )
  • Any problems, questions and suggestions, kindly reach me or the creator first, Thanks!
  • Enjoy! 🙂

  • Added Video Trailer for the Mall of Asia Minecraft Map as requested by the Creator
  • Fixed provided download link


How to Download quickly in Linkvertise without annoying ads:

NOTE: It depends on how the creator set his/her Linkvertise link. As for this guide, I only set it to minimal ads so downloading the map will be less annoying to everyone.

  1. Scroll down below until you find the button “Free Access” and click it
  2. If you are redirected to a new tab, close it immediately and proceed to step 3
  3. Sometimes you are automatically redirected into mediafire to download the file directly, if not proceed to step 4
  4. If the site reloads, proceed to click the button where you have to read article, just click it and a pop-up will show up
  5. Wait for 10 seconds before clicking the ‘X’ button to close the popup
  6. After clicking the ‘X’, you should be redirected to mediafire to download the file directly. ENJOY!


Supported Minecraft versions


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