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This add-on adds new miners, new swords and new armor that you use in your Minecraft world. Some add-on items you can find in your world and other items are handmade,more additional information from below!

Addon Information

These are the blocks and some items that will have in the complement and all these items are available.

These are the ores you find in your world.

These are the armors that will be available for you to be able to venture into Minecraft.


Most crafts will be available on the crafting table, so I will only place the crafts that will not appear.

Mcbe Table

Worktable that you will use to craft the crafts of some special items.

Special Crafts

These crafts will be available at Mcbe Table.

Deox Toxic Sword

Ruby Toxic Sword

Deox Toxic Sickle

Ruby Toxic Sickle


Created by Marcos WX

Submit it here:  Marcos WX Youtube Channel

No one is allowed to use any part of the code in this addon. And you can only share the MCPEDL link, not your own link. or I will provide a report and copyright notice.


It is mandatory when creating the world, activate all experimental options, otherwise the addon will not work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.16 (beta)

Source link


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