MCPE/Bedrock 3D Rabbit Costumes



3D bunny costumes are addons that will make mobs and you cute,like white rabbits.

you can use this add-on on survival or creative mode.

Actually, this addon is only a small part of my big project.


this addon included : 

  • rabbit hat
  • rabbit jacket
  • rabbit pants
  • rabbit boots

You can use it just like normal armor

and you can craft this armor using raw rabbit like the picture below

Ah and just ignore the zombie-chan(she is my mine) >///<.>

the picture above is the recipe in the old version, for the latest version you can use reset as below:


Maybe here’s the explanation, because I don’t know what to write so I write whatever comes to my mind XD


  • New Rabbit Costumes Models
  • New item (Rabbit Rara)
  • New crafting recipes



  1. first download the add-on on link below
  2. extract 3DcosttumesR to Resource folder and 3DcostumesB to Behavior Folder
  3. open minecraft and create new world 
  4. don’t forget to turn on experimental mode
  5. and enjoy~

creator: GradientStudio


Source link


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