MCPE/Bedrock Amazing Wildlife Addon Beta


Amazing Wildlife Addon Beta


Amazing wildlife is an addon that focuses on bring you a big amount of animals to your game, this addon will add mostly birds and mammals, most of the animals can be tamed and in future versions they will give you items,

note: this addon is still beta



Submitted by @Geckoboy17 to the circle team

Introducing the creature


  • This cute pink fish likes to be in really deep water, if you are going to put them in any tank, make sure it’s more than 3 blocks deep, or they will jump off!


  • Unlike a lot of people know, this are giant dolphins not whales at all, they have one of the more detailed model in the addon and will give more live to your aquariums


  • One of the biggest felines in the world, you can feed them with raw beef and they will protect you, this animal texture is wip


  • The biggest eagle in the planet, as most of the other carnivores it can be tamed with raw beef, they don’t defend you against enemies but they accompany you in your adventures


  • They are 2 snub nosed monkey species, this is the golden one, give them apples and they will be your friends



  • This are the second biggest wild dogs after the grey wolves, as Minecraft dogs this one are tamed with bones, they don’t have a really big damage but a pack of them can be effective against medium enemies


  • One of the more well known animals, they have basically the same behavior as the bengal tiger, as that one, the lioness texture is work in progress


  • Thus animals of the Wild West can’t be tamed because they have the wilderness inside, the antlers in the males head aren’t for decoration, don’t put 2 males in same place if you don’t want a fight to start


  • A useful creature, they love cakes, give them some and enjoy the ride!


  • This big owls can’t be tamed for now, nothing more to say about of them really


  • Such a big shelly boy, they hide in the shell if they feel in danger, don’t try to attack them then, feed them with apples to them to follow you, but you have to know they don’t listen to you that much, if you tell them to sit, they will just keep wondering around

River/ swamp

Pigmy hippo: tamed with water melon

Indian gharial: can’t be tamed

Fire belly toad: can’t be tamed

Fire belly newt: can’t be tamed

Plains/ forest

Bull: can’t be tamed

Common European viper: can’t be tamed

Grass snake: can’t be tamed


Bactrian camel: tamed like a horse

Red footed rock wallaby: tamed with carrot

Aardvark: tamed with spider eye

Giant pangolin: tamed with spider eye 

Roadrunner: tamed with seeds


Reticulated giraffe: tamed with apple

African forest elephant: tamed with cake

Secretary bird: can’t be tamed

Spotted hyena: tamed with bone

Grevy’s zebra: tamed like horse

Black mamba: can’t be tamed

Cheetah: tamed with raw beef

Olive baboon: tamed with apple

Giant pangolin: tamed with spider eye

African lungfish: can’t be tamed

Aardvark: tamed with spider eye

King vulture: tamed with rotten flesh


Sperm whale: tamed with cod

Spider crab: can’t be tamed

Mola mola: can’t be tamed

Dugong: can’t be tamed

Moby dick: it’s just a sperm whale skin but we let you see it by yourself

Dolphins now have another model more realistic


Californian sea lion (male and female): can’t be tamed

African penguin: can’t be tamed


Javan rhino: tamed with hay bale

King cobra: can’t be tamed

Pink iguana! Tamed with water melon

Sumatran rhino: hay bale

Burmese python: can’t be tamed 

Capybara: tamed with apple

Borneo orangutan: tamed with apple

Spix macaw: can be tamed with pumpkin seeds 

Bushbaby: tamed with sweet berries

Golden lion tamarin: tamed with sweet berries

Emperor tamarin: tamed with sweet berries

New update

We added a lot of new animals, like this tanuki, most mammals and birds can be tamed with meat, weed, apples and sweet berries

We also add new painting textures with animals of the addon that you can add in your zoos.

Some pictures from the add-on

Next update is reptile update stay tune!

Disclaimer : always use the link from McBedrock only and always credit the creator don’t be stupid by making ads app for download this addon if we seen any app that tried to claim this addon we might take down the Developer of the app

Creator’s Twitter:

Discord server:

Credit to Developers: GECKOBOY, owner, modeler and texturer

alexis15, co owner, animator and coder

Parasaurolophus, honorary modeler

Meteor comrade, modeler

Mr magikarp, orca model

Sansdragonkiller, animal 


-Added painting

-Added more animals

-Bug fixing

-And more

Merry Christmas!





Just click the download link

Change the file name to .mcaddon

Open the file

Apply in world

turn on experimental gameplay!




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