Aneeva’s World Explores


Introducing a brand new minecraft add-on that will add even more survival fun to the game, and this add-on supports the newest minecraft version, You can share this to your allies, but please refer others to this post


Aneeva World Explorer is an add-on that will add a whole new feel to the game, and will contain features that will make sense to added into the game from obtain, transform or the functions.

Found a bug? Have a feature suggestion? Or Anything about this add-ons, Feel free to contact me by email

Features Preview:

  • New Variation of Chickens
  • New Variation of Cows
  • New Variation of Piggies
  •  Ladder Back Chairs
  • Furnace Recipe
  • Other Crafting Recipes




  •  Rotate Ladder Back Chair Preview :
Update v1.3!



  • Baby Chicken now have their own texture.
  • Added Pink Moobloom Spawn Egg.
  • Added Ability to Shears Moobloom’s Flowers.
  • Added Bell into Wandering Trader’s Trading Supplies.
  • Added Easter Egg (Try to Rename the Pigs to “Bad Piggy”).
  • Added Beehive Custom Recipes.
  • Added Ultra Quality Item Textures (Plugins)
  • Added Mossy Brick Block + Crafting Recipe.
  • Added More Variant of Mossy Stones (Polished Andesite, Chiseled Stone, Cracked Stone).
  • Added Fermented Milk Bucket.
  • Added Ruby & Sapphire (Incl. Ore Generation & The Block).
  • Added Cactus Stew.
  • Added Fermented Milk Bucket.
  • Added Bucket of Cheese & Cheese.
  • Added Classic Grass Block.
  • Added Chainmail Armors Custom Recipes.
  • Added Chainmail.
  • Added Horse Saddle.
  • Added Fried Egg.
  • Added Clay Brick.



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