MCPE/Bedrock Animal Girls and Animal Boys REMAKE


Animal Girls and Animal Boys REMAKE


The addons were created with the intention of adding new interactable mobs to the world. Following the same idea as before but now with new interactions and possible things to do.

The old addons are no longer compatible with the new versions of minecraft, so I’m redoing it better



Addons information

  • The addons are divided into two with a male and a female version. Both contain the same items and features.
  • It is possible to make entities have children by giving them cake. And the gender of the baby is decided in the following scheme.

male + female = male

female+ male = female
male + male = male
female + female = female
  • It is possible to give a specific weapon to each mob in the inventory that is accessible after taming the entity

  • all entities are tame with a ring







It is possible to use to tame addon entities


Cow girl and Cow boy

  • they have 20 life
  • They can eat bread, apple, enchanted apple to regain life
  • The cow girl can give milk after being tamed
  • Their weapon is the bow
  • They are peaceful but after winning a bow it attacks the monsters
  • It is possible to give specific weapons to each mob
  • It is possible to make them reproduce by giving them cake
  • New item
  • Two new entities



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