Sometimes you just want to *zombie noises*, and I get it. Sometimes you want to be a zombie, and now you can. You can finally live your life long dream as a zombie.



This addon is a vary simple and doesn’t add much but isn’t suppose to. All it dose is make it were you burn in daylight, it doesn’t do anything else, its that simple, There is ways to avoid the burning from daylight, but I’m not telling you how, you have to find it yourself.


If you want simple fun and an addon that can be easily applied with others addons, this is the perfect addon for you.


Join my discord to interact with others who play this game and others that I’ve made, also allowing you to give suggestions and download other games I’ve made.

I also stream on twitch and going on the discord can notify you when I’m streaming, I play my games and sometimes other games and you can play with me on stream.


Changed the description by adding images to it the description.



If you use the star discord server link (THANK YOU) click it link, you should be sent to join the discord, once you have you will be sent to the welcome channel and in the welcome channel, there will be a blue highlighted part named #🎮addons, click that and then find the game you want to download.

If you picked the regular link all you have to do is click the link and then press download.



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