MCPE/Bedrock Block Armor BETA 1


Block Armor BETA 1


This is the first and the best armor addon for Minecraft Bedrock, we take advantage of the new code creation possibilities to be able to create these armors and have special functions according to their type, this is BETA 1 but we continue working to improve this addon.


At the moment it contains a total of 26 armors, all of them protect more, or less, depending on their material, the crafting of the armor is simple, but you can find everything on the crafting table in the armor section. 

We have 5 special armors that have benefits of having them on:

Glowstone Armor

This allows us to illuminate wherever we go, you can go only with a garment, but if you have more glowstone garments it will illuminate you more and more.


Magma Armor

This armor allows us to cook raw food in hand, to do so you must have all the armor on and tap on the screen with the food in hand.


Wool Armor

This wool armor allows us to sleep without the need for a bed, to sleep you must have all the wool armor on, bend over and a button will appear that says “sleep”. In Windows 10 you crouch down and hold right click.


Slime Armor

This armor allows us to double jump and removes the fall damage, you can fall from any height and you will not hurt yourself. (only works if you have all armor on).


Prismarine Armor

This armor allows us to breathe underwater and we will not drown at any time. (only works if you have all armor on).


Ice Armor


This armor allows us to walk on water. (only works if you have all armor on).


The following are complementary armor for the game, it should be noted that the armor that protects the most is weeping obsidian and it also has a very high durability.

You can find armor recets on the crafting table in the weapons section:


All armor can be enchanted on the enchantment table:


All the armor can be repaired on the anvil with the same block with which it is made:


Requires Experimental Game

If you find any bug feel free to comment on this post below.


Note: If You Want To Review This Addon Leave This Download Page, Otherwise It Will Be Proceed Under Copyright © 2020, You Cannot Publish This Addon On Another Website.



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– Alaniz

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