MCPE/Bedrock Cauger John GT


Cauger John GT


These add-ons bring you a new car to your Minecraft world The John GT A Sports Car By Cauger (Fictional Automotive Manufacturer On Sandy Staat TSU) This Car was made by TenStudios™

This car belongs to Cauger of John GT Generation in Literary this is the first generation of John GT, The John GT designed by TenStudios™ itself with Sporty design and especially a black bonnet 



A sports car from Cauger John GT you can spawn it by using Creative Modes and amazingly it has a botleet or a trunk for your Survival Items it can store around 16 items like a normal chest but you can bring it everywhere 

The John GT has a blue badge on the bonnet (Cauger Logo) and the BlackBoard Paint on the bonnet to give a stylish and sporty design


We will provide another colour for the next update!





After You Installing This addon Do:

Open Use File Manager and then Open As Text using Minecraft 



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