MCPE/Bedrock Cave Crystals (New 3D Blocks and Armors)


Cave Crystals (New 3D Blocks and Armors)


Hello I added a few new 3D Blocks and 5 new armors I hope you like it and don”t worry if something don”t work I”m always looking for mistakes in my mod and will be very happy if you write me the mistakes in the comments.


Here are a few pictures of the new 3D blocks and the armor the armor can be enchanted.

Here are all things they”ve benn added.

3 Crystals who glows in the dark Purple ,Blue, Red

2 Armors Redstone and Emerald

You can give you the items with the command

To get the blocks just type in

/give @a cave:(and then the block)

To get the armor just type in

/give @a bridge:(and then the armor part)

Every Armor can be enchanted.


Added 3 new armors from every crystal block without of the rainbow crystal because I´m still working on the texture

You can craft now every armor the redstone armor with redstone blocks the emerald armor with emeralds and the crystal armors with the crystals.



To install the pack klick on it and download it open it and create a

world with the texture and resource pack

you must activate it use by experimental the upperbutton and button down

then just click create and it will create a world with the mod.

Sorry if my English isn’t the best I”m not from England if I wrote something wrong. Please write it in the comments.

creator: Paulomon008


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