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Caveman Buddy Addon


Hi i’m a big fans of villagers in minecraft because they’re fun and can be trolled, now i make an addon about villager again, that is “Chibicator’s Buddy: Caveman”, Chibicator’s Buddy is my own addon series that contains addon about villagers or related to villagers, here the description:


Are you wondering who the ancestors of the villagers are? Of course the answer is cavemen, do you want to see them alive? even want to play with cavemen in minecraft? well, this addon brings you a caveman

Cavemen can help you defeat monsters and can be tamed as friends, yes friends, if you are lonely in minecraft you can tame cavemen as partners or bodyguards, but they are very isolated from the modern world it mean cavemen will avoid players, so it will be a little difficult to tamed them, cavemen could be tamed using all raw animal flesh, they could also hunt cows, sheep, chickens etc.

okay here the biograph:


Caveman is the ancestors of the modern villagers in my opinion

Name: Caveman

Health: 40 heart bar

Spawn: Jungle Biome (Rareness 49.2%)

Attack: Animals, Fishes, Illager, Monster

Damage: 8 Damage (-4 heart bar)

Avoid Mob: Player, Illager, Monster

Taming Item: All Raw Animals and Fishes

Follow Owner/Tamer: Yes

here the pictures:

A Group Of Caveman

Tamed Caveman

Cavemen On The Hunt (Hunting Sheep)

Modern Villager Meet Primitive Caveman

Lil Caveman With His Parents 

Caveman against Tyrannosaurus-Rex (proof that caveman from this addon can attack mob from other addon)

this addon only published on

Requires Experimental Gameplay

Special Thanks For Creator Of Caveman Villager Mob Skin On Planetminecraft for let me used his awesome villager skin 

Credit For T-Rex (i forgot the creator sorry) from Fallen Kingdom Project Addon

You are not allowed to claiming this addon as yours or reuploading to other website and app

PS: T-Rex In images doesn’t exist on this addon, stop being silly in comment and say “where is the T-Rex?”, it just used for proof that this addon recommended and compatible with dinosaurs addon




  1. Download file from .mcaddon below
  2. Click the file and pick “Open With Minecraft” and it will automatic import
  3. if you having problem about importing .mcaddon try to change file .mcaddon to .zip
  4. for more installation information click the green button below that said your device



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